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I’ve recently been thinking about my future home – thinking about having my own space, especially a lounge area, dining area and kitchen! These couple of pictures pretty much sum up so aspects of how I see my home,  including interesting kitschy design elements. (How AMAZING is that ice cream light?) I’m loving both all white space with hints of greys and pastels, as well as splashes of darker shades. It is also a toss up between wood or cement flooring, but marble and huge windows are a definite must in my books.

How does your dream space look like?

Love List








Right now, I’m just loving & very into the following:

1. Youtube Vloggers – helloclaire & clothesencounters, to be exact.
If you’ve any other suggestions, please feel free to send them my way! I’m so late on the YouTube bandwagon, but better late than never. I’m considering starting my own channel but let’s get real, #firstworldproblems – I’m not one of those girls that can afford to shop 24/7 (woes of starting your own business), plus since I don’t wear makeup or do up my hair or use a ton of skincare products, there really doesn’t seem to be much I can share about. Plus, I just realized that my face is a tad lopsided (loppy) I’ll have a think about it and get back to you on this.

2. Alcohol swabs – my laptop and phone have never felt cleaner.
A once a week wipedown is the best sort of therapy, especially after a week of visiting a ton of cafes and offices with varying levels of cleanliness.

3. My new haircut.
I feel fresher, cleaner, and just lighter in general. It really changes your mood, and with the weather in Singapore getting so damn sweltering hot (give and take a couple of insane downpours), it has made it such a relief. The only person I trust my hair with is Kenji, and I’ve already converted a couple of people into true Kenji fans. If you’re looking for a great cut that suits both your personal lifestyle and your face shape, he’s the man to call.

4. M&S Wide Fit shoes
Not to sound like a complete grandma, but my feet are a size 42 (UK 9, US 12) and it is so hard to find shoes in Asia, especially when all the women average at 38s. Plus, I have protruding bunions (sad face) and a really wide front, so it is so hard to find comfortable heels or any form of shoes that don’t hurt when I walk. More specifically, I got this strappy pair with mirrored heels, and this super simple pair of pumps. I was tending for something with a sharper front and higher heel, but let me put it to you straight – we need to buy shoes that we can walk in, not just pretty things that will ruin your feet in a matter of minutes – best lesson learnt over the years.

5. Anything with pearls.
Chanel & Dior are to blame for this obsession. I’m also trying to get back into making jewelry and will be creating a couple of pieces for Maisha’s wedding this December! Very psyched. Some options you can consider that are very affordable and chic are thisthisthisthis and this. You’re welcome ;)

6. Not eating healthy.
Technically not a love list, but more like a note to self as I haven’t been pumping myself up with salads and juices, more like fried chicken, pasta and cake. I blame my boyfriend, and I need to get myself (or us both!) back on track.

7. League of Legends, especially SKT1 K and its players – Faker, Bengj, Impact, PoohMandu & Piglet.
Fashion lovers, please don’t freak out. This is the geek in me speaking, especially after being influenced by my boyfriend. I love watching their matches and it was insanely exciting watching them crush the competition in the All Star 2014 in Paris. Wishing we could have been there, but we’re headed to South Korea at the end of the year to watch them in the LoL World Finals, yay!

Keeping It Slow & Chill










A couple of favorites from my Instagram recently – you can find me @hellokatetan.
I quite literally live in my black leather Birks on a daily basis – they go with everything, and make a mini skirt look a lot less mini. I call them my “Uncle” sandals and the only thing I can’t wear them with are boyfriend & mum jeans, which is fine by me. The weather in Singapore has been insane, and the heat is just suffocating, and that just means short hemlines and anything thin and easy. A pool would also do you some good, especially since I just headed to Bali for 5 days, which was not enough at all. I’m thinking of moving there for an unknown period of time – the vibe is extremely chill, and I love how effortless it is when dressing to head out.

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