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MAY: 5 Must-Haves


A new feature that I’m pretty sure both you and I will enjoy. I love picking out favorite pieces that will last in my wardrobe for a long time to come – it’s been quite a journey try to understand what I will continually use of the months and days, but I’m slowly closing in on my personal uniform and likes. I’ve narrowed it down to LBDs (I can never have enough) and everything black. White is tricky, but I’d love to be able to incorporate more of it in my wardrobe. Simple, clean shapes with drapes, as well as luxurious leather, lace and silk. I’m also a major sucker for jewellery, enough said.

Key points to note – Off shoulder, yes. Rose gold, yes. Nude light shades, yes. Intricate details, yes. Front & back details on earrings, yes. White silk drapes, yes.
Dress by The Reformation, Bag by Mansur Gavriel, Sunglasses by Linda Farrow, Earrings by Tulola, Top by Zara.

Go Fringe

KateEatsCake-FashionStyle-H&M-Fringe-Bag-Black KateEatsCake-FashionStyle-Gucci-Fringe-Bag-Black

Not really a Doppel per se, but we all know how a fringe comeback, or a revival, has occurred recently. Fringe, to me, screams bohemian and maybe the 70s, but I’ve always had a soft spot for it. I’ve got a suede fringe baby from Zara 5 years back that still sits proudly on my shelves, although it’s a tad too heavy for daily use. When I spotted this black baby at H&M, I had to have it, even if it wasn’t real leather, and even if it wasn’t luxurious enough to be an investment bag. Why? It was lightweight, below $50, and such a great statement piece. I swapped out my Chanel boy for this immediately (speaks volumes).

This fringe bag is also my ode to the lovely Gucci fringe babies that have been making their way around the fashion circuit. Very luxurious, but also very out of my budget. I agreed with my head that this H&M piece will have to do.

PS I’ve been a bad bad blogger, been busy with work (our portfolio site in particular), and of course, shopping and clearing out my wardrobe. Find new swag from my wardrobe here, if you’re game for some shopping.

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