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Lather it up in Leather

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Photos by Silver Lim

SO EXCITED to be sharing these with you guys – I’m going to be working with my girl Silver for quite a bit now, and she’ll be snapping a couple of photos for me for both her portfolio and my site. I’ve known her since I was 6, and its funny how things come full circle because after years of not being in contact, we became friends again 2 years back. Funnily enough, the boyfriend was from the same school as us (when we were 6) and I made the same reconnection with him around the same time. Life is an interesting thing.

Silver’s a fantastic photographer (I mean, how amazing do I look? And let me tell you, less than 1 minute worth of editing was done on Photoshop and this was just for the colors and lighting. I didn’t have to edit any part of me, at all.) and is also extremely enthusiastic and passionate about what she does. I love the fact that she pushes me and goes the distance to make sure we get the best shot. Can’t wait to continue working with her, and am blessed to be surrounded by such talented, warm people.


Inspired by my entry on leather necessities, I thought I’d share with you my LBD / Little Black Leather Dress. Not very little, it’s a bit too oversized for me right now, but I love the pockets and the cut of it. When I found it hanging on the racks of Zara, I knew immediately that I had to have it. Add on to that the fact that it is lined with the softest of suede and was made of real leather – I was sold. Instantaneous classic. I like pairing them with my Birks for an effortless look. No, I do not carry a bunch of flowers around all day. I’d pair this with a tiny box bag, or an oversized nude tote.

Speaking of which, I think it might be time for me to seek out a nude tote for my daily use. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did creating them.



H&M vs Rosie Assoulin

Oh yes, ever since seeing Leandra Medine don this amazing white beauty by Rosie Assoulin, I’ve been haunted by it on a daily basis. “If only I had that top – it’d go so well with these white shorts.” or “The weather seems perfect for something huge, white and drapey!” So imagine my pure delight when I ran across this baby at H&M. I immediately put it on and fell in love with it. Definitely a lot less dramatic that the original, this H&M piece is also a tiny fraction of the real deal – it goes for less than $70, while Assoulin’s pieces range between $600 to $7000. If you are considering investing in Assoulin’s piece, this H&M one would be a great makeshift to wear to a picnic (imagine staining a beautiful white garment worth $600, the horror!) or a test-run before you properly invest in something so dramatic.

One thing’s for sure, I now believe that an oversized white openback drape top that could be akin to an apron is a wardrobe lust-have.

10 Leather Necessities

Sidenote: Welcome to KateEatsCake.com. I decided to take the leap and commit to a domain, which also means I’m going to have to commit to updating this space, which I am more than happy to do. To commemorate this, I’ve decided to go ahead and share my 10 leather necessities. If you don’t know this yet, my wardrobe is literally filled with black, and one of my favorite black pieces to have is anything leather – it is chic, easy to clean and adds so much character to even the most simplest of outfits. Let’s begin ;)










1. The Leather Dress
A full leather look never hurt anyone, and this will be an easy wear – slip it on when you need to make a statement, and pair it with rose gold accessories. You don’t really need to make much of an effort with your accessories or shoes as the dress says it all. My favorite cut for this is either a shift or some sort of tank-dress form would work. I found an absolutely affordable black version at Zara last season and love it, especially with the pockets it has just at the hips. Here are some of my picks –

  image1xxl HIgher-Self-Zip-Dress-Tangerine-490x770 2398025800_6_1_1


2. The Leather Skirt
This is pretty much a HUGE must have, and the simpler it is, the better. I would define this as a wardrobe staple / classic, and it works well with a white tee and some Birks. It would also look lovely with a knit or oversized button down thrown over, and some pointy pumps. I don’t think there’s much that can or should be said, except get one in black! A-line, flippy skater, foldover, with slits… Anything goes, but I like to keep my pared down and minimal.

crazy_cbl11_6edaf8fc-7cea-4bd5-9e46-8565fe2b9a25_1024x1024 image1xxl VampireSkirt-front-blackCRP


3. The Leather Tote
This doesn’t need much explanation – the classic black leather tote will last you ages (even forever, maybe) and one that fits your laptop, camera, extra shoes etc will bring you far in life. I throw almost everything I have in my trusty carry-all, and due to the quality and great cut of it, my outfits are always pulled together and chic.

Mansur-Gavriel_001_Productpage_Black4   0218170002_14_6   1007344_5


4. The Leather Pant
I don’t own a pair of these in my wardrobe, but only because in tropical Singapore, there is an extremely high chance of me melting to my death in these, especially since I already have a hard time keeping my jeans on. (I’m a skirt / shorts kinda girl, and my legs need lots of ventilation.) However, if I had the chance, I’d purchase this in a skinny or jogger version, since they add such a cool factor to any outfit. Balance an oversized fit with laced up stilettos, or pair some leather skinnies with white Nike Air Force Ones.

130426151436548750 blq_perferated_blk_pant_front_02-edit MHQ12-02-2014-selects-rest-161_1024x1024


5. The Leather Crop Top
This is, for me, the perfect accent to wear with denim shorts, or over a white tank and some jeans. It could also be a great item to go with a pencil skirt – I’m not too sure how else to expand on this, so let’s let the pictures do the talking.

130323232679367508 shakerfront-295x443 26X02FBLK_2_large


6. The Leather Crossbody
I wanted to title this “The Leather Bucketbag” but I’ve decided that a crossbody would be a better staple. I’m talking the Celine Trio, something that is easy to carry, can fit your wallet and cellphone and a lipstick, and works well with almost all outfits. I’d bring this with me on vacation and on my flight, or even carry it on a girls night out / date night. White, black, tan or nude would be wonderful choices. I quite literally picked everything below from COS because (imo) they do the best leather crossbody bags.

0224677002_14_6 0166436008_14_0 0212147003_0_7


7. The Leather Sneaker
Slip ons or lace-ups, the sneaker has definitely made a comeback over the past year. I like mine in leather since it just provides a more luxurious sleek look, and they don’t have to be completely ridiculously priced. My shoes get a lot of wear, so quality and comfort is key. I would definitely make sure there’s adequate padding inside though as these might end up giving you some mighty blisters if they aren’t well lined.

1S962_standard XG8DJ7-HERO    pop_102773_2


8. The Leather Jacket
The Quintessential! I’m pretty in love with the baby pink cropped version they have at Zara right now, but that will definitely not last through the seasons. I found another pink version at Topshop which is much cheaper and very very tempting. However, I would suggest that if you want to get one, get it in a staple color that will work with your wardrobe. Black is my top pick, what’s new! Zara & Topshop are my go-to options for a leather jacket – affordable and flattering cuts.

11C02FPNK_2_large 4720021776_6_1_1 4341223800_2_1_1


9. The Leather Shorts
Oh gosh, I’m not sure how to go into this – I used to have an obsession with shorts, be it denim shorts, silk shorts, leather shorts. I own 4 different versions of the leather short, and they’ve never let me down. Pair it with a white silk button down, or an easy simple tank. Thrown some sandals on and you’re good to go.

image4xxl 40417.0.zoom MHQ03-04-2014-selects-batch-296_1024x1024


10. The Leather Birks (aka Slides)
Nuff said, bet you saw that coming. This works with EVERYTHING and I literally wear mine 5 out of 7 days a week ever since I got my full black leather Birkenstocks Arizonas 4 months back. Super comfortable, these are my favorite go-tos. If you aren’t a fan of the thick soles of Birks, choose a pair of slides that emulate that clean, Celine-look.

image3xxl 42061.4.zoom 3660301040_2_3_1


That’s about it, phew. This was an entry that I spent a lot of time on, did you like it? Let me know if you’d like to see more of this.
Some pointers on buying leather though – don’t do patent, don’t do pleather thats cracked, and always make sure your leather clothing is lined or there’s going to be a sweaty party going on inside when worn. I’d also like to mention that upon buying these items, you’re going to have a much easier time with your wardrobe – pairing these with a white tee, a button down, or even just a simple silk tank is any color will still have you looking very effortless and luxurious (or at least that’s what I believe in).

Take the first step and invest in some leather necessities! Let me know how it goes, have a great week loves.

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