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Doppel: Three In A Row


Celine vs Forever21

Or in other words, $1,300 vs $40.
I’m pretty sure I’m going to fashion hell for this, but it was too similar not to share. I know a friend of mine who purchased the Forever21 version and was extremely happy with it. I’ve also seen the bag in person and am pretty impressed by the quality. F21 also has the item in white and red, but I’m more for the black or red. I was disappointed there wasn’t a tan, but let’s not get carried away, shall we.

Imagine being able to buy close to 100 of these bags for the price of one Celine Trio, interesting concept to ponder over. I’ll admit though, the leather and craftsmanship on the Celine is definitely precise, sleek and of such mind-blowing quality. It really just depends on what’s your budget, but the F21 will definitely last you for a year or two, so it’s not too shabby!

My Definition of Sexy

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What is your definition of sexy? I’d been thinking about it for a while, and I think to some extent, my definition of it has evolved (or rather, gone in a totally different direction) over the past 2-3 years. I used to think that sexy meant lots of boobs, super short skirts, and just tight garments in general. Let’s not forget a ton of makeup, which entails dark eyeshadow and a good pouty lip.

These days, however, as you guys know, I steer clear away from makeup completely. My old booty shorts, bralettes, and too-short-dresses have all been cleared from my wardrobe. I can’t head out with skirts that are far too above my knees, and if my top is too low, I tend to start feeling a bit too uncomfortable.

I think as age gets to you, and probably out of necessity as well, you start to realize that the image you portray to the outside world is important, which was what happened to me. Work and the need to appear presentable to clients crept up on me, but at the same time, one of the core reasons I work for myself is because I need the freedom to dress the way I want. I can never be stuffed into the all-classic office wear of a pencil skirt and button down, only because that isn’t me, and even if they are classics, I need some sort of twist on them.

Classy in the new sexy. Or maybe, my definition of sexy has evolved to sensual, something that’s not too obvious, but more suggestive in a less obvious manner. It really is about having character, and instead of only paying attention to the exterior, being caring and sincere plays a huge part in being sexy. An attitude of nonchalance, freedom and effortless-ness also tops my list (continued below).

What’s on my sexy list?
Off-shoulder anything, an oversized or luxuriously soft knit, soft beautiful petals and orchids, loving something and dedicating yourself to a relationship, anything lowback (rather than in the front), Mr Charles Bass (oh be still my heart), ripped ripped denim, anything strappy and thin heeled, as well as being genuine and true to who you are.

What’s your definition of sexy?

June’s Love + Read List

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Hello & welcome to June’s Love AND Read List – two days late and we’re already into July. Don’t judge me – I had to put them both together or I would never get through them!

June’s Love List

  • I’m loving boyfriend jeans, especially tattered ripped ones, paired with white starched button downs. Just got my hands on different iterations of both these pieces at the Zara sale and am IN LOVE – this shirt is the exact piece I got but I can’t seem to find the jeans.
  • Am also in love with Penny University and their deliciously dark roast (I order the 7 oz double shot) – I posted some pictures on Instagram of myself at one of my favorite booths there as well as a bowl of granola+yogurt+fruit combo that I ordered. I recently tried their Snickers tart and was blown away by how delicious it was. If you’re in Singapore, definitely a must-visit!
  • Crushing on Sam Smith & his talent – that boy has SUCH a voice. His live renditions are better than his recorded versions, dude has such soul.
  • Movies I caught both in and out of the cinema and loved – The Iron Giant (this is now on my classics list), Meet The Robinsons (T-rex’s arms are way too short for it), The Fault in Our Stars (sobfest but so good), Maleficent (Jolie you are amazing!), How To Train Your Dragon 2 (still good) and The Edge of Tomorrow (this is SO underrated it is a must watch). I am a movie buff, yes.
  • Planning for Seoul this October to catch the League of Legends World Championships – I AM SO PSYCHED, words cannot describe how excited I am!! It has been close to 3 years since I’ve been to Seoul, and it’ll be my 5th time there, I’m so happy! I can’t wait to eat at my favorite restaurants and cafes, and get some late night shopping done. GASP.
  • Some of the anime I’ve got through recently include: No Game, No Life (thanks Animebox for the recommendation) which is hilarious, slightly lewd, but so good I got through everything in 2 days. Break Blade is one that I got through in less than a week as well – love the action and the animation, especially those bots – it’s still ongoing and a new episode just came out 3 days ago! I’m waiting for more Hunter x Hunter episodes to come out before I catch up on it, but a current favorite is definitely Knights of Sidonia, which has such a thrilling storyline and the fight scenes keep me on my toes. The creators also aren’t afraid to kill people off, which somehow is a good thing.
  • Water + Lemon + Ice = best drink for the hot hot weather. IN LOVE. But really, why do lemons cost $1.10 each?! That’s taking it way too far, Cold Storage.


June’s Read List

  • The Slashie – are you one of us? I’m definitely a slashie, and as much I loved reading this and reppin’, being a slashie can be mightily confusing at times, with lots of effort needed to keep your income rolling in.
  • The truth behind Instagram – I get pulled into this ring of envy and jealousy sometimes when all I see on my feed are people traveling, carrying expensive bags, eating good food all the time – being unable to afford to do the same can be rather depressing. My solution? focus more on my life, goals, and the simple things that make me happy.
  • So hilarious (!!!) – this is what happened when the ladies at The Man Repeller offices tried a sugar-full diet.
  • To prep you for the month ahead and to end this post on a giggly note, here are some punny illustrations. Such a hoot.


Would love to hear if anything’s inspired you this June, what you’re loving and what you’re reading. Have a great July guys!

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