August Favorites & Read List

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Hi guys, how has your September been going so far? This habit of posting late favorites + read list has been going on for a while, and I apologize but they’re well worth the read! I’ve had such a crazy, crazy month and that might be reflected in my favorites and reads since I spent a lot of time either at work or chilling at home.


  • Cocoloco – COCONUT WATER. I can’t get enough of it, and this brand from Singapore is my new favorite. They apparently only prepare the bottles upon your order + day of delivery, and the bottles only are supposed to last you 2 days for freshness! Delish.
  • Went a tad crazy over at Luxola this month, and the products I purchased and have been loving include: Mario Badescu Silver Powder (be gone black and white heads, plus smaller pores. I ADORE, but it is so hard to get off, especially since I don’t user a toner.) + Mario Badescu Drying Cream (got a zit? Pop this on and it’s gone tomorrow. Already recommended this to a couple of friends & they’re in love) + Alpha H Liquid Gold (I use this every 2 days, and after waking up, I realize how clear, smooth and amazing my skin looks. Worth every penny!) If you’re looking at purchasing some MB products, Luxola is the way to go – prices are 30-40% cheaper than that of Sephora, plus spend above $10 and get free to-your-doorstep shipping! This is in no way sponsored, I’m just a lover to affordable products & great service.
  • Some hair related products that I’m loving are the L’oreal Everstrong Thickening Shampoo (sulphate free, SO great for my hair even though I already have thick hair. I love the volume it gives me, thank you Blake Lively for the recommendation – I will try anything that woman suggests.) & the Pantene NatureFusion Fullness & Life. I tried the Pantene shampoo at J’s place and after letting it dry, my hair was so silky & smooth, and very voluminous – I decided to head to stores & purchase a bottle immediately.
  • Been following a couple of new shows, and my favorites for the month are The Last Ship, Extant and The Strain. All three are TERRIBLY EXCITING shows that leave you gasping for breath. The Strain freaks me out so much that I end up not going to the washroom till the day breaks. Also, I have NO complaints about The Last Ship in terms of acting (Hello, McSteamy!), plot line or even just the props. They definitely had a huge budget, but the cast is amazing.
  • I managed to watch two Stephen King movies this month – Dreamcatcher & The Mist. I really liked The Mist, it wasn’t that scary, and the main focus of the movie was the intricacies of human relationships, and how people can go to extremes when desperate. Dreamcatcher was toe-curling, and the low rating is with good reason. If you’re looking for something with extreme gore and fear, I would pick this (says me, the girl with the lowest threshold for fear.)


Again, sorry for the late post but hope you enjoyed everything I’ve shared this month, and have a fab September ahead! I’m planning for some different content on the blog for this month & next, so fingers crossed that actually pulls through. ;)

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