Boom Clap!

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Just… this song, has been on constant rotation in my head, even before I knew what the title was. I’d heard it somewhere before catching The Fault in Our Stars, and when I heard it in the movie, my heart soared and I literally started dancing in my seat, in the dark, while in the cinema. There’s such spirit and vibe to the song, with just the right amount of hope thrown in.

This is quite possibly my anthem for the summer, and I have a love-hate relationship with the scorching hot weather at the moment. I’d love to be in my one piece every single day, but obviously that’s not possible. And when I’m dressed for meetings, it is just too hot to handle. Everyone should be given the right to dress for the summer (I’m talking sheer whites, denim shorts, swimwear all around, and as little garment as possible) even when they need to go to work. How does one survive in a button down and pants in this heat?

The best thing about summer though (although technically it’s summer all year round here) is being able to sit on the porch late into the night, with a cigar or moscato in hand, and look up at the clear, cloudless sky, just to admire the clouds. Did anyone else notice how huge the moon was last night? (Taco moon supreme!) Sparklers or fireworks would be the icing on the cake here, so don’t forget to go check out the fireworks happening every Saturday till the first week of August — all in the name of Singapore’s birthday!

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