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The Dining Table Dilemma

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Ooh, hi guys, did you miss me? It’s been a week since I’ve updated this space, and I promise there’s good reason. We have been swamped with work at Eriin Creatives, with a lot of content creation and article writing. When such work comes about, most of my creative juices are used up at work, and I find it hard to muster creative energy for the space.

On to other things – for someone who isn’t going to be a home-owner anytime soon, I have a weird obsession with interiors and homes. I’ve been having a dining table dilemma in my head (a faux non-existent dilemma since I won’t be purchasing a dining table anytime soon) – to have a completely matching set with individual chairs, or a table with mismatched chairs (minimal yet Swedish), or one of those huge wooden tables with matching wood benches? I love them all, especially the huge wood benches as I love cozying up with friends and being able to have “easy access” to the person next to me. There’s a sense of comrade when you’re sharing a bench with someone, but wouldn’t your butt hurt after a while?

My dining table is going to have to work doubly hard though, since I think it would be great to have a huge table that works as a desk space in the morning (for when I have work meetings), and then transform into the most warm, welcoming space when it comes to dinners. I envision it having fresh flowers on a daily basis, with a nice jug of iced lemon water. When dusk falls, I’d set the table while J cooks a good hearty dinner. Mmm, my imaginary dining table is making me feel extremely happy right now. What does your dining space look like?

Office Space Inspiration

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So I’ve been thinking about office spaces and working from home lately, and pondering on how I’d like my space to be, or rather how it has to be to ensure comfort, ease and productivity. A couple of key features I’d like include:

  • Windows, or lots of natural light – this will keep me happy, awake and feeling blissful.
  • A majorly white space – I’ve realized that white gives me a sense of calm, rather than anything wood-based or black. However, all¬†white surfaces have to be easily¬†cleaned.
  • A huge-ass refrigerator that’s stocked with healthy snacks and drinks, like fresh coconuts, fresh fruits, greek yogurt and honey.
  • Chair to desk ratio is extremely important – it has to be perfect for me or I start feeling super uncomfortable.
  • A soft, comfortable chair with a high backing – I definitely need to rest my head on something to keep my neck straight (been having some spinal issues, more on that soon), and as I lack in the booty department, my butt starts to hurt if I sit too long on a hard chair.
  • Lots of table space – This will be necessary for my work laptop, a gaming laptop, a glass, keyboard and mouse, and some skincare products to use while working.
  • A meeting area that can double up as a dining area – I love the idea of having a nice round table with flowers in the middle, that provides some calm and beauty to meetings. Will also be great to have friends over for lunch!

What are some office essentials that you need in your space? Would love to hear about them! ;)


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I’m a huge fan of Banksy’s work, so much so that I have a couple of books documenting his work and story, my favorite being this one. Lego is also a pretty big deal to me – I used to own lots and lots of sets of them, and I was so so thrilled and amused by The Lego Movie when it came out that I have the entire “Everything is Awesome” song memorized (its not that hard).

Imagine my DELIGHT when I saw these pictures of Bricksy, a Banksy inspired Lego project by Jeff Friesen of The Brick Fantastic – so adorable and imagine the effort that must have went into this! I love playing my Lego series of games on my Xbox, my favorite being Lego Batman & Robin, so how cool would this be if you could explore a world completely made out of Banksy art! Hope you liked it as much as I did.

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