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Doppel: Three In A Row


Celine vs Forever21

Or in other words, $1,300 vs $40.
I’m pretty sure I’m going to fashion hell for this, but it was too similar not to share. I know a friend of mine who purchased the Forever21 version and was extremely happy with it. I’ve also seen the bag in person and am pretty impressed by the quality. F21 also has the item in white and red, but I’m more for the black or red. I was disappointed there wasn’t a tan, but let’s not get carried away, shall we.

Imagine being able to buy close to 100 of these bags for the price of one Celine Trio, interesting concept to ponder over. I’ll admit though, the leather and craftsmanship on the Celine is definitely precise, sleek and of such mind-blowing quality. It really just depends on what’s your budget, but the F21 will definitely last you for a year or two, so it’s not too shabby!



H&M vs Rosie Assoulin

Oh yes, ever since seeing Leandra Medine don this amazing white beauty by Rosie Assoulin, I’ve been haunted by it on a daily basis. “If only I had that top – it’d go so well with these white shorts.” or “The weather seems perfect for something huge, white and drapey!” So imagine my pure delight when I ran across this baby at H&M. I immediately put it on and fell in love with it. Definitely a lot less dramatic that the original, this H&M piece is also a tiny fraction of the real deal – it goes for less than $70, while Assoulin’s pieces range between $600 to $7000. If you are considering investing in Assoulin’s piece, this H&M one would be a great makeshift to wear to a picnic (imagine staining a beautiful white garment worth $600, the horror!) or a test-run before you properly invest in something so dramatic.

One thing’s for sure, I now believe that an oversized white openback drape top that could be akin to an apron is a wardrobe lust-have.

Doppel : Miss En Dior Pearl Earring


Dior vs Rissapicks

Can you tell the difference? I can’t.
But your wallet can – it’s $500 vs $10.
Yes, that’s how much it is for real freshwater pearls from Dior, as compared to a costume copy of this sweet baby that everyone’s been raving about. Will you go to fashion hell? I’m not too sure, but is it worth it? Probably – purchase 50 of these replicas and you’ll be set for life. You’ll never have to worry about losing one, never have to worry about it falling off your ear, and never have to worry about ruining your one and only pair.

Am I kidding? Who knows.
All I know is that sure, the real deal will be such a wonderful perfect keeper in your collection, and I’d be adored by my future daughter when I pass it on to her (only after I die, sorry dear, I will be wearing these till I’m in my 100s.), but for anyone who’s not keen on blowing 4 return air tickets from Singapore to Hong Kong (check TigerAir for deals right now), this doppel from Rissapicks is just for you.

And if you’ve got time to spare, and want to get your hands slightly dirty, APair&ASpare did a wonderful DIY version of it right here. Why not? Maybe you and all your girlfriends really should have matching pairs of the same pearl earrings – stay classy ladies! You’re welcome. ;)

Edit: Just heard from a personal friend who purchased the Miss En Dior originals, and she found out after purchasing that they aren’t freshwater pearls… I guess that option of keeping my pair as an heirloom is now out the window!

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