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The Leather Apron

KateEatsCake-LeatherOveralls-01 KateEatsCake-LeatherOveralls-05 KateEatsCake-LeatherOveralls-04 KateEatsCake-LeatherOveralls-03 KateEatsCake-LeatherOveralls-02 Photos by Silver Lim

HI GUYS. Possibly one of my favorite set of photos that I’ve done with Silver, my amazingly talented friend, and I’m hoping you guys love them as much as I do. If you haven’t realized by now, I’m literally decked in black all the time – so if you’re expecting some colorful outfits from me, I’m sorry!

I got my hands on this Finders Keepers leather overalls from NastyGal a while back, and I’m in love with it – it’s super easy to wear, goes with everything, and is very comfortable. I disliked the fit at first (got it in a M and thought it looked super big on me), but it grew on me after the first couple of times and I now wear them with the bottom cuffed twice. I also snagged these Quay Venna sunnies from NG, which are the bomb! I misplaced my Westward Leaning ones (which are also mirrored), and these were a great replacement. Great investment, good quality, but hurts the top of my ears a bit but I think only because my head is unnaturally large. Poop.

FYI, my bag is a super old one from Zara which I love, but the top of the strap is ripped (suede can be quite easily destroyed when not taken care of), but I’ve had this bag for 5-6 years and it still looks pretty. Is it just me, or do Zara items last pretty long? My closet is 70% Zara, and most of my items last for a long time, both style and quality wise. Best to buy investment pieces from them, and to always pay attention to the fabrication and details. #shoppingtip

I guess that’s it! Yes, we did venture into an old house that looked like it was about to fall apart, but Silver loved it so much and the sunlight coming through the windows were too beautiful to pass on. Not pictured (or not zoomed in enough to picture) is the sweat that is coming down my forehead ;)

Ripped and Shiny


KateEatsCake-Denim-02 KateEatsCake-Denim-03 KateEatsCake-Denim-05 KateEatsCake-Denim-06

Photos by Silver Lim
Top from Asos, jeans from Cheap Monday, heels by C&K, clutch from H&M

GUYS, too many amazing pictures of myself this round that I had such a hard time choosing them. I didn’t want to spam you with repeated pictures of my face & body so here’s my top 5. Let me tell you, it was tough getting up that derelict of a window, but we pulled through anyway! Thanks Silver, for pushing me to do it just to get the shot. I can’t tell you how freaked out I was by the huge ants crawling about, but anything for a good shot, no?

This outfit has garnered the approval of the boy, and the two best friends, which is pretty rare. Myself? I can’t decide on it but I like the juxtaposition of the sequins with ripped denim, flowy + baggy + teeny heels. I also like the fact that this outfit is a savior when the weather heats up, since the back is exposed, leaving you with gusts of air coming in and cooling you down. & yes, I confess, I obviously changed out to my Birks after the shoot + my meeting was over.

Also – note to boyfriends out there. If your other half tells you that she looks “broad” in an outfit, don’t go ahead and reply “But you are broad!” because you’re going to end up with no dessert after dinner.

Lather it up in Leather

KateEatsCake-LeatherDress-01 KateEatsCake-LeatherDress-04 KateEatsCake-LeatherDress-05

KateEatsCake-LeatherDress-03 KateEatsCake-LeatherDress-02

Photos by Silver Lim

SO EXCITED to be sharing these with you guys – I’m going to be working with my girl Silver for quite a bit now, and she’ll be snapping a couple of photos for me for both her portfolio and my site. I’ve known her since I was 6, and its funny how things come full circle because after years of not being in contact, we became friends again 2 years back. Funnily enough, the boyfriend was from the same school as us (when we were 6) and I made the same reconnection with him around the same time. Life is an interesting thing.

Silver’s a fantastic photographer (I mean, how amazing do I look? And let me tell you, less than 1 minute worth of editing was done on Photoshop and this was just for the colors and lighting. I didn’t have to edit any part of me, at all.) and is also extremely enthusiastic and passionate about what she does. I love the fact that she pushes me and goes the distance to make sure we get the best shot. Can’t wait to continue working with her, and am blessed to be surrounded by such talented, warm people.


Inspired by my entry on leather necessities, I thought I’d share with you my LBD / Little Black Leather Dress. Not very little, it’s a bit too oversized for me right now, but I love the pockets and the cut of it. When I found it hanging on the racks of Zara, I knew immediately that I had to have it. Add on to that the fact that it is lined with the softest of suede and was made of real leather – I was sold. Instantaneous classic. I like pairing them with my Birks for an effortless look. No, I do not carry a bunch of flowers around all day. I’d pair this with a tiny box bag, or an oversized nude tote.

Speaking of which, I think it might be time for me to seek out a nude tote for my daily use. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did creating them.

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