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July Love + Read List







 July went by in quite a flurry, interestingly enough. I’ve decided to combine both my love and read lists for the month again, since it makes more sense. So, let’s go!

July’s Love List

  • Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park – I recently visited the park after years of not going there, and had SO MUCH FUN. I think it is one of Singapore’s most underrated attractions! They put so much effort into taking care of the birds, and I loved walking about the entire day just peeping at flamingoes, parrots, eagles and those penguins! We spent about 6 hours there, and my favorites were the High Flyers show and the Lory’s Feeding. I got pooped on at the Lory’s enclosure, but no biggie, I forgive you for ruining my hair. There’s currently a 49% discount of all tickets till the end of August (National Day Promotion), definitely worth a visit!
  • Umm, each and every time I shave my legs, I end up with a rash, which I end up scratching for the next week, then leaving me with little scars all over my legs. After suffering for a couple of months, I succumbed to Veet Shaving Strips, which I think I will be using for a long time to come. Easy to use, fast, and so effective. My legs were left smooth and rashless. I like to slather on some Nivea Extra Nourishing Milk after, and I’m done – painless, quick routine that I do every 2 weeks.
  • Pretty late to discover (okay I knew they existed but was too lazy to visit) the amazing, a-ma-zing food that Pact by Kilo serves. Popped by for lunch the other day, and ordered the Tuna + Salmon sashimi. The raw cubes of fish were mixed with fresh lime, shoyu, mint, crispy rice and chili flakes, giving you this wonderful medley of tastes in your mouth. I ordered their Beef Short Ribs bowl with quinoa to-go for the boy, and he LOVED it despite it being his first time trying quinoa. (He’s not a healthy eater by the way, so that says a lot.) Check out their full menu here, and prices are pretty reasonable considering the quality and quantity.
  • I’m currently addicted to natural Greek yogurt, topped with some organic honey and sprinkled with a couple handfuls of blueberries. None of that commercial honey ever since I found a bottle of organic mountain honey and it adds such a great dimension to the yogurt. I smash the blueberries around while stirring everything together, and its such a healthy, yummy treat for either breakfast or a midday snack.
  • Coconuts – raw, pure and straight from the husk. Fresh coconut water is so hard to find, and when they are bottled, the prices are pretty insane. I’ve gone all natural and caved in, and have stared buying a couple of fresh coconuts every few days. Chop to open, pour the water into a glass, enjoy. Plus, you’ve got the meat to chomp on after, making it so much more delish. (Realized I’ve a ton of food loves this month, but I’ve been trying to make healthier adjustments to my diet choices.)


July’s Read List

  • This was a good read about why women cheat, and how one writer went undercover on Ashley Madison and learnt so much more. Relationships require constant commitment and effort, and when either one stops investing or communicating, you can definitely expect the failure of a relationship.
  • This really made me ask myself about motivation and daily habits, and I will be incorporating this into my passwords. I’ve been using the same password for more than 5 years (SUCH BAD DIGITAL HABITS), and am excited for how such a seemingly insignificant change could so greatly impact my life.
  • I’m pretty sure a lot of us have a love-hate relationship with fast fashion. We want to spend healthily and wisely on our fashion choices, even better if our purchases are within budget and wallet-friendly. With all the financial boundaries we have to work with, aka should this amount of money be spent on fashion or food, cheaper is better. Yet at the same time, how ethical is the production of fast fashion? Lower costs, greater guilt? Great read, an issue worth contemplating about.
  • This resonated so deeply with me – 100% how I feel when clients, rather than deferring to your professional opinion, insist on designs to change with their opinions, despite having past proven case studies that prove otherwise. Such a painful, sad process.
  • Why Geniuses Don’t Haves Jobs – interesting read, and I know a couple of people who are like this. I think there’s a lot of thought going into how to break traditional rules when it comes to work in general, not only for individuals who are “different”.. more on that in a later entry.
  • Yes to Slow Change. You can’t rush change, you can’t rush learning, you can’t rush creating something new. So much wisdom in one entry.
  • Our brains are amazing things… and this article reminds me why. I definitely agree that naps improve your overall performance, but I’m not too sure about increased creativity when tired though. What are your experiences?


Thanks for reading, and till the next one loves!

My Weekend Routine

KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-01   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-02   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-03   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-04   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-05   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-06   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-07   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-08   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-09   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-09   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-10   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-11   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-12   KateEatsCake-WeekendRoutine-13

What are weekends like for you? Mine are divine, and what some might call lazy. It’s Tuesday but I’m already thinking of my weekend. Here’s what I get up to on the weekends, and you’ve been pre-warned, I’m a very boring old person.


  • Sleep. Stay under the sheets till I get hungry or need to go to the washroom.
  • Catch up with my favorite YouTube videos and watch some anime in bed – complete relaxation.
    If you want to know what animes I’m currently watching, you can follow me on Hummingbird. I just found this platform and it is a great tool to keep up to date if you follow a lot of shows at once, like I do! You can keep track of the episode that you’re on, what you’ve finished or are currently watching, and can also read reviews and rate the anime. Two thumbs up (and the end of a nerd moment for me). A really funny show I’ve found recently is Undateable – it’s about two guys who are roommates (one owns a bar, the other lives off funds from a law suit he won) and their friends and life with the ladies. It’s so hilarious and I end up snorting and laughing my ass off at every episode.
  • Eating lots of yummy stuff, it could range from something really healthy like blueberries or apple slices with almond butter, or it could be pasta, pizza, and burgers. Definitely lots of dessert and ice cream though. Happy lifestyle = healthy lifestyle (i kid).
  • Gaming on the Xbox or the computer – League of Legends & Halo are my favorites at the moment. Completely influenced by the boy but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! If you’ve games to introduce to me, please comment below.
  • Sometimes I get up to something crazy, which entails a movie, or a cigar, or heading out for a good meal or dessert. Past weekends have included visits to the zoo, the bird park (which I recommend and I had so much fun!), chilling with friends, having some shabu shabu etc. As long as you’re with the right people, days can never be boring.


I’d like to say that resting after a week of work is extremely important for me, but due to my flexible schedule, I get great rest and leisure time during the weekdays as well, and sometimes I end up getting some work done on a Saturday or Sunday evening. It doesn’t really feel like work to me, but more like educating myself or just doing something that I enjoy. I think it’s really different for everyone, because there are a number of articles telling you to separate your work and personal life, and to draw clear boundaries. However, I’ve got great boundaries between them both, and rather than segregate my time by days, I do it by hours or minutes. Weird, but works for me. Just food for thought – let me know what works for you (:

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Keeping It Slow & Chill










A couple of favorites from my Instagram recently – you can find me @hellokatetan.
I quite literally live in my black leather Birks on a daily basis – they go with everything, and make a mini skirt look a lot less mini. I call them my “Uncle” sandals and the only thing I can’t wear them with are boyfriend & mum jeans, which is fine by me. The weather in Singapore has been insane, and the heat is just suffocating, and that just means short hemlines and anything thin and easy. A pool would also do you some good, especially since I just headed to Bali for 5 days, which was not enough at all. I’m thinking of moving there for an unknown period of time – the vibe is extremely chill, and I love how effortless it is when dressing to head out.

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