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This might get a bit too long for people, but let’s just get it on.
When it comes to fashion, it has been a cycle of new-buy-new-buy. We are faced with a new season of designs at least twice a year per designer, sometimes even four. I have fallen into the terrible habit of always needing to purchase something new, and till today, I’m not quite sure I’ve quite snapped out of it. I love to shop, I love going into a physical store, or visiting an online retailer, and looking at all the shiny new things. I love looking at dresses and imagining myself in it, I love picking up accessories that are “of the moment”. If I had the budget of a Queen, I would have a wardrobe as huge as my house. Let’s face it, we’ve been inculcated into a society of always needing the new thing, the next “it” item, and getting on board the trend train. That’s what consumerism is about, and that is how fashion goes around.

As a victim of this, I’ve made it a point over the past couple of years to only purchase items that I will love forever. It’s simple – look at the piece, and ask yourself if you’ll love it forever. I have purchased so many items out of lust, items that didn’t fit well, but my mind somehow talked me into the idea that I would shed 5 kilos in the next couple of months, and I would then look fabulous in my latest acquisition. Either that, you head out to shop thinking “Oh god, my wardrobe is drabby, and nothing is on trend. I just want to look as good as Alexa Chung!” It is a hard habit to break, and even I’m not freed of it as of yet, but well, keep going at it and I’m pretty sure progress will come.

The thing is, there is so much pressure for women of today to look up-to-date and in fashion, especially when you so passionately follow fashion blogs, fashion websites and fashion magazines. My style icons are women like Taylor Tomasi Hill, Christine Centenera, Ashley Olsen, and the many many strong women in fashion that you read about and admire. I, however, do not (currently, I hope) have their paychecks, and I live in Singapore, where property, car and living expenses are pretty high. Real life requires money, and real life does not always revolve around fashion and the latest bag. So as much as I’d like to be rolling in dough, I know that the truth is, I’m an entrepreneur and a small business owner, and I need to plan for my future, which requires savings and a solid financial plan.

Have I digressed? My point of the images above, as well as this adequately long second entry, (and a biiiiit too serious, I must admit) is to disclaim, or claim, that my wardrobe is made out of pieces that I will use on rotation. I’m not one who has the luxury of purchasing something new on a daily basis, and well, monetary situations aside, I believe that the wardrobe should be made out of well-crafted, quality pieces. Pieces that you will love for at least the next 5 years, and pieces that will work with the basics like your favorite skinny jeans, or your favorite leather skirt.

In my situation, I’m a lover of all things black. Black just seems to make me feel effortless, and all black everything (or all black errrthang, as Maisha & I like to say) is just something I love. Sure, I might mix it up a little on certain days, like not wearing a hint of black at all, or throwing on some sort of print, but black is my one true fashion love. I also have a serious addiction to anything leather, silk and lace, but I am very particular about them. Also, I stand at 1.74m, and I am a loyalist to flats. Sneakers, sandals, boots. I own perhaps…7 pairs of heels which I very rarely wear. I feel the itch to purchase a pair of sky high stilettos every month or so, but after much convincing and the realization that these poor shoes will probably never see the light of day, I come back down to Earth and end up buying another trusty pair of Converses.

So you, dear reader, will end up seeing lots of pictures of me in the same trusty pair of silk lace shorts, or my worn-out Converses, or a pretty banged up Chanel Boy (a gift, and such a worthy investment). This is my journey to sum up and to continue documenting the lessons that I’ve learnt on my journey as a fashionista (is this word even still in vogue?), and as a woman, I suppose. Enjoy!

Hello, I’m me.

Kate in London, 2012

London, 2012

Hello & welcome to my blog, I suppose.
After many changes in blog platforms, and trying out different forms of image posting and content writing, here I am, dedicating time and effort from my schedule to this page.

I intend to use this as an outlet for my words, images, passion with fashion and design, and my every day life. Pretty excited for this, and I’m going to have to work hard at this, but let’s go for it!

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