Pre-Seoul, Fall 2014

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Say hello to my inspiration for fall this year – I’m headed to Busan/Seoul in 1.5 weeks for almost a month, and with the temperatures dropping pretty quickly, I thought I’d share some images that will be inspiring my packing for the trip.

My packing list will mostly consist of blacks, whites, greys, denim and nudes; in oversized silhouettes, skinny pants, turtlenecks & oversized knits. There’s been a shift from the mini skirt to something more modest, and I’m thinking a mix between both – knitted pencil skirts, netted A-lines, and some simple, black denim tiny skirts, why not? The mood is casual yet pulled together, think essentials that you’ve loved and worn, looking effortless yet on pointe. Sounds hard, but when you’ve got a good library of images to refer to, achieving that je ne sais quoi is possible.

With the amount of walking, exploring and eating I’ll be doing, outfits are going to have to be comfortable yet chic, with the freedom to mix and match them into various outfits. My must brings are: 3 pairs of jeans, my leather joggers, black pimsolls, lots of knitted tops (both cropped and overszied), and some button down shirts. Doesn’t sound like much right now, but I’m probably headed over with a 30% filled luggage, and coming back with a 120% packed one. ;)

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