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Let the Core Desires Shine


Happy, happy gorgeous 2014 my loves!

2013 was, summed up, a year of love and learning, and the quote by Anne Bronte above simply puts it perfectly. To want something beautiful, you must be willing to go through any pains needed to obtain it – we all have sacrifices and pain we have to get through, but there’s always that light we’re striving towards that makes it all worth it. With love found almost exactly a year back, 2013 seems to have zipped right past me. Days are shorter, filled with never-ending moments of love, new experiences and change.

Feeling a bit too late on the 2014 bandwagon, since it is technically minutes into the second day of 2014. J mentioned to me how interesting it was that people make such a big deal out of New Year’s, when it is just like any other day, only that we start off another cycle of 365 days that we continue to live. My answer to him was that a new year had intangible meaning – it signifies a fresh start, hope, a new slate, having endless possibilities as to how the new round of 365 can pan out. Isn’t it just amazing? It might seem redundant and silly, but really, isn’t life but made up of meaning that humans put on the tangible? The new year often signals something new, with resolutions being made, changes being promised, goals being written.

Personally, I’m for all that, and I think it’s a wonderful chance to reflect on your past year, while projecting your hopes and aspirations for the new one. I’m a bit slow in this aspect right now, but fret not, I think I’ll be on track by next week. I’ve been spending the last couple of days working on my Desire Map Workbook & I’m finally half-way through – which means that I’ve conjured up my 5 words / 5 core desired feelings for 2014. Now this is an extremely significant, exciting, enlightening moment for me. Danielle LaPorte was right – having found my words, I now feel such empowerment and light, and they resonate with such clarity within me, it’s very powerful.

I thought it’d be great to share my core desired feelings with everyone, and when I’m done with the book, I will finally be clear as to how I shall go about achieving these feelings in the next year. As D explains it, knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life. Be clear on your core desired feelings, and then all of your goals are a means to create those feelings. Amazing, huh?


So here are my words – they sum up everything I want to feel in the 5 aspects of my life, and they mean so much personally.
Boundless, strength, courage, power, prosperity, success, influence, clarity and radiance.
What are your core desired feelings for 2014?

What is Family?





Photos by me

Faces that mean so much to me, that have so much of my heart tied to them.
Family – what exactly is family? To me, my family does not just incorporate individuals I’m linked to by blood. My family are the people I trust my life with, and despite it being an extremely select few, I know that I am blessed and so lucky to have them. As the year draws to a close, the one thing that I am the most grateful for is family. For the love that my friends have shown me, and for finding my person this year. 2013 was a year of ups and downs, and the one year that I finally learned the meaning of being in a proper relationship and being in love. My two best friends are the two ladies I know I can always turn to, who won’t judge me, and who despite our differences, we can always forgive and forget, and still be there for each other. Distance is not an issue, we somehow manage to show love and grace to each other in our times of need. Family are those who make you feel safe, who love you despite all your failures and flaws, and who do not judge. Family are those who accept you for you, and who love you unconditionally.

In 2013, I found J. I found love & sappily enough, he’s my person who will choose me over everything else, and even with my fears and insecurities, he still stays by my side, reassuring me over and over. Even when my demons come back to haunt me, I’m safe when I’m with him, and I don’t think I’ve felt this way ever. That safety is something that means the world to me, and in 2013, that was what I received.

2013 — ups and downs, personal and business lessons. I know that I have to keep pressing on, constantly motivate myself, and to discipline myself a lot more. I can’t wait for 2014, because somehow, I have the feeling that year on year, my life is going to be filled with a lot more love, joy, faith and amazing experiences. Everyone’s on a path of betterment, of self improvement, of change, of love, of life, of trust. It has been such a life-changing year, as always.

Thank you for everything, for watching over me, for keeping me and all the people I love safe, for forgiving me, for believing in me. Thank you & I am blessed.

PS — I’m waiting for my Danielle LaPorte Desire Workbook to arrive before I start working on the 2014 resolutions & core desired feelings. I mean, I’ll have a couple of days before 2014 really arrives, no? ;)