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I’m a huge fan of Banksy’s work, so much so that I have a couple of books documenting his work and story, my favorite being this one. Lego is also a pretty big deal to me – I used to own lots and lots of sets of them, and I was so so thrilled and amused by The Lego Movie when it came out that I have the entire “Everything is Awesome” song memorized (its not that hard).

Imagine my DELIGHT when I saw these pictures of Bricksy, a Banksy inspired Lego project by Jeff Friesen of The Brick Fantastic – so adorable and imagine the effort that must have went into this! I love playing my Lego series of games on my Xbox, my favorite being Lego Batman & Robin, so how cool would this be if you could explore a world completely made out of Banksy art! Hope you liked it as much as I did.

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