The Dining Table Dilemma

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Ooh, hi guys, did you miss me? It’s been a week since I’ve updated this space, and I promise there’s good reason. We have been swamped with work at Eriin Creatives, with a lot of content creation and article writing. When such work comes about, most of my creative juices are used up at work, and I find it hard to muster creative energy for the space.

On to other things – for someone who isn’t going to be a home-owner anytime soon, I have a weird obsession with interiors and homes. I’ve been having a dining table dilemma in my head (a faux non-existent dilemma since I won’t be purchasing a dining table anytime soon) – to have a completely matching set with individual chairs, or a table with mismatched chairs (minimal yet Swedish), or one of those huge wooden tables with matching wood benches? I love them all, especially the huge wood benches as I love cozying up with friends and being able to have “easy access” to the person next to me. There’s a sense of comrade when you’re sharing a bench with someone, but wouldn’t your butt hurt after a while?

My dining table is going to have to work doubly hard though, since I think it would be great to have a huge table that works as a desk space in the morning (for when I have work meetings), and then transform into the most warm, welcoming space when it comes to dinners. I envision it having fresh flowers on a daily basis, with a nice jug of iced lemon water. When dusk falls, I’d set the table while J cooks a good hearty dinner. Mmm, my imaginary dining table is making me feel extremely happy right now. What does your dining space look like?

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