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When the days pass so fast, when they’ll filled with only work, close friends and love, when I can hardly stop to catch a breather and end up ill in bed – that’s how my life has been for the past couple of weeks. Even with all the work though, I’m still living the days filled with thanks – thankful and lucky to be running things our way, to work from home and have the flexibility to rest when I want to. Grateful that the pace has picked up as well -I’d rather be worked to the bone than to not have anything to work for.

My days have been filled with the vast sky, clouds, wild flowers, and endless walking. I find myself walking from one destination to the next, and albeit the ache-inducing weight of my laptop that I carry on my shoulder, I find it heartening when a voice inside of me tells me to press on, and that I will not regret this when I am older. I guess I’m lucky to still be quite childlike, a word that was used to describe me by J. Childlike to still enjoy the little details in life, to always be hopeful for the best, to still be able to pick myself up eventually after a long week of work. It’s not to say that I don’t have my moments of darkness, when my heart is filled with a sense of futility and as though nothing will ever work out – yes, I sometimes get so overwhelmed that I can’t bear the thought of carrying on.

The secret to this though, is getting through those moments of darkness, and realizing that there are wonders to live for, beauty to admire, and so much hope and positivity around us. Even if you’re being unfairly judged or criticized, even if you’re surrounded by so much negativity that your body physically breaks down (yes, me), you get back up and keep going. You persevere and remind yourself of why you chose this path, and you envision the light at the end of the tunnel. My light at the end of the tunnel is my three week trip to Busan/Seoul in less than a month, and there’s going to be so much to share!

Not a regular post of mine, but I thought I’d share my reflections of the past couple of weeks, as a personal reminder and hopefully one for you as well. Remember the good, remember hope, remember beauty. To a September filled with love, laughter, friends, jokes, and plenty of adventures and lessons to be learnt.

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