Who’s Kate?

Hello, I’m Kate! 

How do people ever define themselves? By what they do, by what they’ve achieved, by what they believe, by their passions, by where they live. I, however, find it hard to define any single individual with just words – every individual has the capacity to achieve more tomorrow than they did today, and every person is capable of change – so how do you put that into words?

Here goes though:

I’ve always identified myself as an entrepreneur and changemaker (whether or not those terms are overused are a different story). I’ve never sat well with the status quo, and was always an outlier, be it in school or in the office. I learn best by being thrown into the deep-end of things, and just figuring out how and what to do next. Friends would probably call me a hustler, and even if I’m not using industry terms, I know how to figure things out. Friends and family come to me for solutions, for ideas, for what’s the latest in fashion, business and tech.

This space, unlike my professional site, is where I’d like to share my insights and thoughts into e-commerce, entrepreneurship, business… as well as my walk with God. I don’t believe that God can be separated from any aspect of our lives, and as a first-generation believer, I’ve found that sharing my experiences have helped others, especially second generation believers, gain deeper understanding into how they can view their relationship with God.

Being open enough to share a part of yourself in a digital space is quite a risk – you’re allowing others to judge you based on how you’ve portrayed yourself, words turn into first impressions. I’d say that an open mind is necessary when reading this space, while at the same time, the complexities and dimensions of Kate, me, as an individual, can be glimpsed. I’m always open to new conversations and connections, so do feel free to reach out.

Thank you for visiting this space.